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What do we produce?



semi-machined parts

Semi-machined parts

machined parts

Machined parts

Production Divisions

The process of forging and finishing

The basic technology in the production of forgings, made at Kuźnia Polska, is the hot forging of die forgings weighing up to 25 kilograms using forging presses, crank presses with Direct Drive System, forging automatic – Transfer, air hammers and upsetting machines.


Steel warehouse

We use high quality carbon, alloy, stainless steel in over 100 grades storing them onto the area of 4000 m2.


Heating and cutting room

Heating of sheared pieces of steel, called charges, to  temperature of 1,200˚ C in electric induction furnaces or gas-fired furnaces and their subsequent forming of the required element in a die.



In the forging of forging-crank-operated forging presses of 10 to 25 MN pressure, air hammers with a striking forth (hit energy) between 1,600 to 10,000 KGm and vertical and horizontal forging machines with 2 to 12 MN pressure are used. It is also possible to manufacture small mass forgings – i.e. from as little as 0.25 kilograms using PS-type screw presses.



Removal of excess material in the form of fins – this is a dubbed trimming operation on crank or eccentric presses. During this stage of the production process aperture swaging, bending and calibrating is performed.


Heat treatment

Heat treatment of the forgings aimed at giving the forging high strength. In carbon and alloy steel forgings heat treatment in the form of quenching and tempering (quenching in water, oil or polymers), normalizing or isothermal annealing is used. Strength is also attained through a controlled cooling after forging.


Shot blasting

Shot blasting operation – cleansing of the forging’s surface of so-called scales (hard surface bloom resulting from steel oxidation at high temperatures). This operation takes place on special machines called shot blasters, which use steel pellets of great hardness and with a shot diameter ranging from 0.8 to 1.2 mm.



Finishing operations including cold calibration, straightening, marking, grinding and burnishing.


Visual inspection

Meticulous visual inspection of each item in order to ensure 100% faultless forgings: with underfills, joggles, scale pitting, cold shuts.


Final control

Final control aimed at statistical checking of the quality of manufactured forgings and to provide a quality warranty through quality certification in accordance with the client’s requirements.

Our machines state

Model Quantity Description
HASENCLEVER 2500 2 Crank press with forming force of 25 MN
SMERAL LZK2500 3 Crank press with forming force of 25 MN
FICEP DD190 DIRECT DRIVE 1 Screw press, nominal power of 331 kJ and forming force of 24 MN
HASENCLEVER 2 Crank press with forming force of 16MN
DREHER 1 Crank press with forming force of 16MN equipped in TRANSFER
SMERAL LMZ1600 3 Crank press with forming force of 16MN
SMERAL LZK1000 3 Crank press with forming force of 10MN
HASENCLEVER Few smaller presses with forming force of 5 MN, screw presses with screw diameter of 180 mm and few hammers – 3000 kg ( hit energy 10 000 KGm ), 2000 kg, 1000 kg, 500 kg.
OLIVOTTO Automatic heat treatment line – set up for 2008
LLR1000 Press
KARL DEUTSCH UHW750/1,2, UH60 MPI units


In order to meet Customers’ expectations, Kuźnia Polska S.A. has broadened its range of ready-made machined products. At present our stock of machining tools includes vertical machining CNC centers, CNC lathes with powered tools, which also perform drilling and threading, vertical and horizontal milling machines, turning lathes, drillers, relieving lathes and hydraulic presses. We produce mainly ready-made elements such as levers, flanges and towing hooks. Any process engineer, who designs the process, must also take into account a number of important parameters, which cover both the technological possibilities of the forging element (in other words giving it the desired shape) and the functional qualities, that the client stipulates, such as hardness, resistance, hardenability, structure etc.


Clamping devices





The Machinery:

Machine tool Maximum dimension of worked piece (mm) Maximum weight of worked piece (kg)
Machining centre – MAS QUICK 500 500 x 500 x 400 300
Machining centre – BROTHER TCR2B 400 x 300 x 300 120
Machining centre – Okuma MA 400 600 x 500 x 500 300
Machining centre – MAZAK VTC 200C 1600 x 500 x 500 650
Machining centre – 4940 YCM H400B 500 x 500 x 600 500
Machining centre – Okuma Multus B300 Æ 250 x 700 150
Machining centre – Okuma Multus U4000 Æ 600 x 1500 150
Machining centre – Miyano ABX-64SYY2 Æ 165 x 125 20
Lathe – Okuma ES L8M Æ 200 x 500 50
Lathe – Okuma GENOS L250 Æ 200 x 500 50
Lathe – Okuma GENOS L300M Æ 300 x 450 100
Lathe – Okuma GENOS L400 Æ 300 x 500 100
Grinder CNC – OKAMOTO OGM250UEX III Æ 200 x 500 20

The basic premise of our strategy is to offer the product that is processed to a maximum degree. Currently it is approximately 25%.

We use:

  • machining (including pull broach)
  • zinc-nickel coating
  • phosphating
  • KTL protection
  • nitriding

We also offer only machining services without the forging process for some of our products.

Our strategy: to be a supplier of components for assembly lines.

Tooling Room

Kuźnia Polska disposes its own Tooling Room, serious modernized in 2005 being self-made toolmaker, ensuring the production processes so flexible as possible and offering very professional service outside. Continuously upgraded machines and IT systems are able to keep the highest market needs. Designing, engineering and programming of CNC centres are performed onto the advanced CAD/CAM positions. The leading software is CATIA.

We guarantee especially:

  • heat treatment of the tools and nitriding of the cavity surface in vacuum furnace
  • hardening of the tool steels and derivatives in vacuum furnace
  • 3-axle machining of the products in dimensions 2000mm x 1400mm x 700mm
  • 5-axle machining of the products in dimensions D=1100mm h=700mm
  • CNC lathe machining D=390mm L=500mm
  • electroerosion machining of the products in dimensions 650mm x 450mm x 350mm
  • electroerosion wire machining of the product in dimensions 500mm x 350mm x 200mm
  • programming of CNC tool machine – 2, 3, 5-axles

Among other thinks, we have:

  • catalytic nitriding furnace
  • WCL hardening work cell and derivatives in a protect atmosphere
  • WNC, WNLV hardening work cell and derivatives
  • heating furnace with carrying capacity of 3,5 tons

Our products

Forgings to passenger cars and trucks

Forgings to passenger cars and trucks

75% of the forgings produced by Kuźnia Polska, are dedicated to multiserial and repeatable manufacturing to automotive and truck branch.

Forgings to machines and agriculture industry

Forgings to machines and agriculture industry

15% of the forgings and machined parts work in special agricultural vehicles like tractors, harvesters and agro-equipment.

Machine industry

Forgings to machine industry

5% is different parts to modern engines, transmissions and road devices.

Energy and railway

Forgings to energy and railway

3% of our assortments supply the renewable energy and railway sector.

Forgings to air force

Forgings to air force

2% of the production is advanced technology fortified by the highest quality demands for air force industry.

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