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Forgings to passenger cars and trucks

Forgings used in passenger cars are characterized by high serial volumes, small individual mass from 0.05 to 5 kilograms and high quality requirements. The production process is based almost exclusively on press forging. For most items 100% defectoscopic testing is required.

Forgings used in trucks are characterized by markedly larger sizes and greater individual mass from 2 to 25 kilograms. Production process based primarily on hammer forging (with the exception of synchronizer toothed wheel forgings).

Products for the automotive industry

Products for the automotive industry make up 75% of the total product output of Kuźnia Polska. We manufacture components used in all leading car brands:

Range of Products

1 Gear wheel forgings, third-motion shafts and transmission motion shafts

2 Transmission gears

3 Steering rod tips, crosses

4 Wheel hubs, constant velocity universal joints, pivots, couplings and couplings tips, star pieces

5 Clutch plate forgings

6 Truck forgings used in power transmission systems, steering systems and suspensions and gear boxes: toothed wheels, synchronizers and shafts

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